Donuts: The New “Do”

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“Donuts are the new cupcake.”

{Directions spray-painted on the sidewalk outside of the shop}

A friend said this to me last year when I was still new to Chicago, and I just didn’t believe him. I was a Sprinkles cupcake-devotee, and from what I’d heard from friends and colleagues, there were even better cupcake offerings in Chicago. If this was true, how could cupcakes be replaced by donuts? Donuts were boring and cheap and not as tasty or filling as breakfast sandwiches or bagels.

Well, while I’ve been asleep at the donut wheel, it came back in a big way. I don’t think donuts have gotten as much pizzazz from the garden variety Dunkin or corner store kind since Krispy Kreme blew up with those perfectly-replicated over-glazed concoctions. But Chicago is home to Doughnut Vault, and once you’ve had Doughnut Vault, any cupcake enthusiast switches baked good loyalty very quickly. And where there’s one amazing fad baked good store, more will follow.

Glazed and Infused is a new donut shop with locations in the West Loop, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Wicker Park. There are just about a dozen donut offerings (including the crowd-pleasing apple fritter), and at noon on a recent Saturday, the West Loop location still had nearly every one available for purchase. The staff was friendly and willing to provide ingredient details for each treat. Compared to other donut shops, this one has an abundance of seating for people unable to wait to eat until they get back to their home or office. For those on-the-go, you can pre-order donuts by the dozen online.

We tried the raspberry glazed and the vanilla bean glazed, but they all looked so tasty that it was hard to choose. The donuts were fresh and moist, large and fairly priced for the size and quality. The raspberry icing was sugary sweet while still preserving the fruit flavor and the vanilla bean tasted like ice cream in donut form. I wish I had gotten more adventurous with my choices (they serve a maple bacon long John), but luckily, the multiple locations and late hours will probably lend to many future visits.

"maple bacon"

Source: A Key To The City