Glazed and Infused Opens Monday to Sweeten Chicagoans’ Commutes

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Red Velvet Doughnuts

Red Velvet Doughnuts

By Sarah Freeman

Get ready to love commuting. Not only did the Morgan Station open today (Green and Pink lines delivering passengers to restaurant-centric West Town), Glazed and Infused – the latest player in the donut trend – will open locations below El stations around Chicago. The first two, off the Damen Blue line and in Fulton Market, open Monday.

This edible empire was created by restaurateur Scott Harris (Francesca’s), who prides himself on the neighborhood feel at each of his restaurants. The decor of Glazed and Infused will be retro-Americana, with concrete floors and marble accents, reclaimed wood, and posters from the 1940s to evoke the post-WWII era.

Two types of donuts are available – yeast and cake. Within those two categories are endless flavor possibilities. On the yeast side of the menu find crème brûlée bismarck topped with caramelized sugar, a maple bacon Long John donning an entire strip of bacon, and more traditional glazed options. The cake side includes red velvet, old-fashioned and banana salted caramel.

The next location, near the Armitage Brown line, is scheduled to open later this summer. In the meantime, have a donut and drink some coffee at the first locations. They will all brew Intelligentsia to fuel a better commute, plus the Wicker Park location is open late on weekends for midnight munchies.

Source: Zagat