Chicago National Doughnut Day

Celebrate National Doughnut Day at Glazed & Infused – Chicago’s favorite handmade, artisan doughnuts. On Friday, June 6, Glazed & Infused will be offering 50% OFF your doughnut purchase when you mention the phrase “WE CAN DONUT!”* at any of our five Chicago locations (while supplies…Learn More.


Donuts: The New “Do”

“Donuts are the new cupcake.” A friend said this to me last year when I was still new to Chicago, and I just didn’t believe him. I was a Sprinkles cupcake-devotee, and from what I’d heard from friends and colleagues, there were even better cupcake…Learn More.


Doughnuts Find Their Place In Haute Cuisine

With flavors like creme brulee and maple bacon long john, these are not your average doughnuts. CBS 2′s Vince Gerasole and chef Gale Gand are at Glazed and Infused to see the process.


190 talks Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love a little donut, along with that morning cup of coffee? Well, there’s a new Windy City trend in that ‘fried dough’ that we all love! Yep, the ’boutique donut’ is hot here.. they’re very fresh, gourmet and oh, so good! Glazed and…Learn More.


Great Finds: Glazed and Infused

Let me tell you….they were gooood. I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about this doughnut shop for some time now. While Lisa and I were in Chicago on the book tour, we realized it was National Doughnut Day. It just so happened that Glazed…Learn More.


Chicago Tribune “Hole Foods”

Cupcakes are cool. But doughnuts are hot. A handful of new and relatively new shops are producing the kind of high-quality, limited-quantity, chef-driven doughnuts that truly can be called artisanal products. Much as cupcake specialists revolutionized their product with imaginative flavors and first-rate ingredients, these…Learn More.


Tandem Bake

There’s a power duo behind Chicago’s newest doughnut shop. There are two ways to stand out in the increasingly crowded doughnut game: eye-catching flavors or serious pedigree. The city’s newest fried-dough outpost, Glazed and Infused, has both. The two pastry chefs behind the venture, which…Learn More.


Taste Test: Glazed and Infused

The latest gourmet doughnut shop opens in the West Loop and Wicker Park Gourmet doughnuts haven’t reached the same saturation as cupcake shops in Chicago, but they could be on the way. Joining Doughnut Vault, Dirty Betty’s and Do-Rite is Glazed and Infused, a creation of Francesca’s…Learn More.

Urban Daddy

The City’s Two New Donut Shops

Mondays. They can be really tough. So today, we thought we’d give you a donut. Actually, scratch that. Let’s give you two fantastic new donut places. Presenting Glazed and Infused, the long-awaited pair of donut shops from Scott Harris, open as of today in Wicker Park…Learn More.


Doughnut Overload

Some might argue that Chicago is quickly becoming overloaded with doughnuts, with all the recent doughnut boutique openings, and is reaching a saturation point. More on that later, but I’m actually talking about my own personal overload. While I like doughnuts, one is usually plenty…Learn More.