In case you haven't noticed, doughnuts are expanding around Chicago

Published: Jan 15 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, donuts (or doughnuts, depending on...

Black Dog Gelato + Glazed and Infused Doughnuts

The doughnut ice cream sandwich debuts August 29. It’s too delicious to resist. We’re lucky it’s only around for one day

Published: Aug 22 2013

This chocolate cake doughnut with salted peanut gelato will be...

Davanti Enoteca restaurant and Glazed and Infused open up in River North’s Courtyard Marriott Hotel

There seems to be some sort of Tri-Force effect happening in River North

Published: Jul 22 2013

About a month or so after we went to check...

Chicago Insider Guide: Graham Elliot Tolerates Deep-Dish Pizza, Mows Down Steamed Buns

Graham's favorite bakery? Glazed and Infused, of course.

Published: Jul 10 2013

“By the time I was done with culinary school, I...

Best Doughnut Shops In Chicago

Ah, the doughnut: manna to children, beat officers and Monday morning office meetings around the globe

Published: Jun 12 2013

As the cupcake craze cries its last buttercream breaths, the...

Davanti Enoteca, Glazed & Infused coming to River North Marriott

He teased it two years ago, but restaurateur Scott Harris is finally ready to bring ‎Davanti Enoteca to River North

Published: May 20 2013

The Mia Francesca mogul has sat on the lease to...

Hole Foods

Chicago's doughnut scene is being redefined and customers are lining up to sample the artisanal creations

Published: Jun 07 2012

Cupcakes are cool. But doughnuts are hot. A handful of...

Glazed and Infused opening early April

Scott Harris is getting into the doughnut game, and in his usual style, the restaurateur is not going small

Published: May 26 2012

Scott Harris is getting into the doughnutgame, and in his...

Taste Test: Glazed and Infused

Taste Test: Glazed and Infused The latest gourmet doughnut shop opens in the West Loop and Wicker Park Gourmet doughnuts

Published: May 21 2012

Gourmet doughnuts haven’t reached the same saturation as cupcake shops...

190 Talks Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love a little donut, along with that morning cup of coffee? Well, there’s a new Windy City trend

Published: Mar 13 2012

Who doesn’t love a little donut, along with that morning...